High-end Architect Project

C.J. Light Associates New Website A new site for a top architect in Orange County, CA. Skip the article and go to the website?  C.J. Light Associates is well known in Southern California as one of the top residential architects. As you travel the coastal communities you will find hundreds of the homes they have designed. […]

Turning an Award Into Business

How do you turn winning an industry award into actual business opportunities? Marketing. It is that simple, but it requires effort and actions, which I provide for my clients. Proof My client, Steve Alt Design Group (SADG), recently won an award for the ASID Best Powder Room Platinum level. Total cost = $125 to enter […]

Case Study – Entrainment Consulting

Website and Branding Development This case study is about the successful launch of Entrainment Consulting, a brand new engineering firm that designs electronic system for the high-end residential market. Why The question I always start with is “Why?” Not the what or the how, but why you do what you do. Entrainment is passionate about designing […]

Remodelling Return on Investment

When it comes to remodelling, most people make emotional decisions.  They look for a bigger bathroom with furniture from bathroomcity.co.uk, better kitchen, nice patio, etc… Investors that are flipping a house look at it differently. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and need some ideas visit https://floform.com/custom-kitchen-cabinetry/. They want a return and therefore […]

June, 2013 AIA Billing Index

I am a firm believer in looking as far up stream as possible to see where business patterns are probably going to go. While I am still in search of the “Source of the Nile”, as it relates to construction, the AIA Billing Index (ABI) is the best leading indicator I can find. The May […]

Successful Sales Personalities

Over the years I have managed various sales forces. Some have been employees while other have been independent reps. The challenge has always been motivating the sales team to stay on task and produce the best results. Now I believe it is nearly impossible to motivate the sales team, it is either in them or […]

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is a trend that has been taking hold for many companies. The challenge of all the different smart phones and tablets out there can overwhelm a company when deciding which one to support. This issues is further compounded by personal preferences for an iPhone, Galaxy, or any of the other devices they already own/like. The […]

Branding Isn’t Your Logo

Branding is the emotional thing that happens after a consumer buys something. I have met with many potential clients, paying clients, and previous employers about branding. They all want this magic logo, symbol, name, color, style guide, and all the other design elements to create or embody their brand. They never want to do the […]