The services I offer can be an all-encompassing plan or individual pieces.

Full Service

A full service program brings me in as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for your company on a part time basis. Companies with 10 – 100 employees need a CMO, but they cannot afford to put one on full time. I fulfill that role and bill for the projects I manage.

The processes typically included are:

  1. Company Analysis – determines Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats (SWOT) and outlines growth goals.
  2. Develop a plan with budgets for the entire business that is scenario-based. This is more than a mere marketing budget; it is a high-level plan for the entire company. It is pointless to plan for growth without looking at the entire company.
  3. Create a marketing plan to achieve the goals, all variable-driven.
  4. Implementation – I bring in the proper resources for each task and we press forward. My resources span the entire spectrum of marketing functions and IT systems.
  5. Measure – It is imperative that we measure and adjust the programs that have been defined.

I charge a retainer to produce Step 1, collecting the remaining amount at the end of step 3. This  is quoted for each project. Project management fees are charged as the milestones are achieved. This fee is in the budget, so there are no surprises. My vendors can deal directly with my clients as I do not mark up outside services. However, if it simplifies billing, then we can work on a cost plus basis.

A La Carte Service

Some clients will only need a problem solved instead of the entire plan. I will work with each client to define the scope and produce a budget as needed.

Types of Services

  • Budgeting/Planning
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Events
  • CRM
  • Business Development Programs
  • Product Development
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Software development
  • Project Management


I prefer to understand my client’s business and their goals before we “just go do some marketing”. If you are interested, contact me and I will send you the questionnaire. This is three pages of questions that are not required before I work with someone, but it really helps us to all get on the same page.