CEDIA 2017 Follow-up

This blog is for those who attended my classes at CEDIA 2017 and requested to receive the supporting documents. If you did not attend the class and would like to schedule a webinar, please contact me.

Should You Build a Showroom/Experience Center

This was a deep dive into the financial modeling of costs to build AND operate a showroom. There was an example that detailed the potential costs to build a larger showroom, but you can scale that down/up as needed. We reviewed the planning and programing requirements that will drive the design. Who should be on the team and how it should operate for a successful project was outlined. And, the most important part, how to produce events and get a return on investment.

Here is simple spreadsheet that was used for financial summary. I strongly encourage hiring a CPA to develop a real financial model before making this capital expenditure.

I am available as a consultant to get a showroom/experience center designed and launched. Contact me here to set-up a call

Building a Sales and Marketing Growth Plan

This was a fast paced overview building an aggressive sales and marketing program. The underlying premise is that you plan on growing your company at least 30% year-over-year. A big focus is on how to identify your key target and get on message with that one client.

Here is the Sales Funnel spread sheet.

Here is the Sales Checklist spreadsheet.

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