IMAX Private Theater

The IMAX Private Theater is a project that I have been working on for 2+ years. The product  launch happened in March, 2013.

IMAX Private Theater, brown


IMAX has spent 2+ years re-tooling the seminal IMAX experience for the ultra-luxury home experience. I have learned a lot about IMAX while working on this project.

Most people in the home theater industry are enamored with simply the hardware in their systems. IMAX in contrast is focused on delivering a compelling and immersive story telling experience. They understand how the eyes and ears collect data and then how the brain interprets that data.  IMAX uses all the best technology, engineering, acoustics, and construction techniques to deliver the the most immersive movie experience. They consider the size of the room, seating positions, and many other variables in designing the ultimate private theater. This isn’t about watts, foot-lamberts, frequency response, or any of the other specs most people review in a theater. It is about how it all comes together to create a truly visceral experience.

Here are some answers to the questions that always come up about this product:

  • IMAX sells directly to the consumer and is responsible for installing, servicing and maintaining the system. They have already done this with over 800 commercial theaters Worldwide and they are bringing this proposition and approach to the private theater market.
  • The consumer builds the room to IMAX’s geometry guidelines in collaboration with their theater designers. This also means the consumer can create “The Brand Called Me” (within reason) for their theater.
  • An IMAX Private Theater is all about the experience, more than simply the room. Design elements are recommended to be kept clean.
  • Seating capacity is 10 – 60+ seats, which can be anything the consumer wants. We have projects underway that have beanbags and sofas in them.
  • A big experience will require a big room. The detailed specs are not made public, but I can help you determine if your space is big enough.
  • This is the new dual 4K video projection system with the ability to show almost any signal, including the Superbowl and video games.
  • Price is $2M+.

Visit their site for more details or contact me.


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